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Arun Chillara is a composer & singer based in Mumbai whose soulful voice and intricate compositions captivate audiences around the world. Arun’s work transcends conventional musical boundaries, integrating diverse styles to develop a unique sound that resonates deeply with listeners. With a background in creating songs, scores for films and ads, he infuses his music with a narrative depth that is both vivid and moving. Arun’s music not only entertains but also invites listeners to embark on a reflective journey. His latest single, "Raaz Ban Chalun," showcases his ability to blend poetic lyrics with evocative melodies, offering audiences an immersive listening experience. 

Arun is trained in Indian classical music and played western rock guitar during his college days. His musical inspirations are rooted in classical raagas, film music and rock & pop songs. He was the governor of the music society at IIT Kharagpur and the cultural secretary at IIM Calcutta. He released his 1st album while holding a full time consulting job. Realising that all the hours with music felt nothing like work, he quit his job. Since then he has worked on many songs, jingles and background scores. His work has won him recognition at various international festivals and earned him a finalist spot at the Artistaloud Music Awards.

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